Cinema, Tv series, Advertising

“Le Carrozze d'Epoca” boasts a collection of about 600 old vehicles of various types and origins, covering a timespan that goes from Ancient Rome and Greece to Belle Époque middle-class carriages. Our vast collection of historic and cultural interest, is broadened by trappings, saddles and accessories; in addition, our capability to hire, sell and purchase horses, together with our highly qualified staff, makes “Le Carrozze d'Epoca” the best european offerer.

Cinema, Tv series and advertising have been for years a field of work of the company; thanks to our competence and our attention to price and service, we achieved many and important recognitions.

Each vehicle of our precious collection is working and can be hired.

Our group's stuntmen, named Movie Riders, had a major role in filming difficult action scenes. One of the best examples can be found in the movie Gladiator: inside the Colosseum, the protagonist Maximus (Russel Crowe) recalls the Battle of Zama, which took place during the Second Punic War. We participate in a fierce fight between gladiators, chariots and aurigas, shot and supervised with great detail.

Here's a list of directors who turned to “Le Carrozze d'Epoca” for rich and original set designs: Martin Scorsese (Gangs of New York), Julie Taymor (Titus), Ridley Scott (Gladiator), Bernardo Bertolucci (The Triumph of Love), Oliver Hirschbiegel, Metin Hüseyin and Thomas Vincent (I Borgia tv series), Bruno Heller (Rome tv series), Gianni Lepre and Mirko Uraina (Rossella tv series) Giorgio Serafini and Vittorio De Sisti (Orgoglio tv series).

We remember as well our old participations in movies like Ben Hur, directed by William Willer, and John Ford's Stagecoach with the great John Wayne.

“Le Carrozze d'Epoca” company is not only involved in cinema, but in television as well: we accompanied Roberto Benigni with a white horse to the Ariston Theatre (San Remo Music Festival, 2011), and we offered a peculiar entry to Luciana Littizzetto, who arrived to the Ariston Theatre on Cinderella's carriage (San Remo Music Festival, 2013).

Our collection of carriages, together with saddles, trappings, horses and qualified staffs are available for every request.

We invite you to visit our Permanent Exhibition, located in Via A.Millevoi 693, Rome (Ardeatina area), and our stables in Via di Montecrescenzio, Castel Gandolfo area (Marino - Rome).

We invite you to contact us for further information.