“Le Carrozze d'Epoca” organisation has been operating for many years both in Italy and abroad, and it's one of the main companies in the equestrian field supplying carriages, harnesses, horses and highly specialized teams.

Our management's experience and attention to a fine-tuning of results - and to a perfect balance between price and service - have been greatly appreciated and praised, giving us important hirings in cinema and television, thus making our company participate in relevant events and shows.

Ben Hur, Gladiator, Gangs of New York are just some of the movies in which our company, under the name of “Movie Riders” has been present and played a fundamental role in shooting outstanding action scenes, and in satisfying the need for old materials and vehicles completing the movies' set design.

As far as cinema is concerned, another example in which our society supplied carriages, horses and horsemen is the famous tv series Rossella, aired on RAI between 2011 and 2013.

Another activity in which our eclectic organization is involved is the Torneo dei Rioni (Districts Tournament), an accurate historical reconstruction taking place every year in Oria, Apulia, where our Group is always present.

In addition to all other activities, one of the main requests coming from our clients is hiring old vehicles for marriages and anniversaries; we put our effort in these requests with the best organization possible.

Besides the Museum, located in Rome near Appia Antica park in Via A.Millevoi 693, "Le Carrozze d'Epoca" company offers really the best hiring services regarding old vehicles, accessories, qualified equestrian teams and stuntmen; these services are supplied to answer a demand coming from cinema and television, for shows and historical reconstructions, for ceremonies and any other kind of event.

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