Shows, events and public performances

Thanks to our long experience and high professionalism, "Le Carrozze d'Epoca" company is a reference point for local tourist offices and for anybody looking for carriages, horses, trappings, skilled horsemen, old clothes for:

- historical reconstructions
- processions
- equestrian shows
- sport events

Among other similar activities, we remember the most famous, Il Torneo dei Rioni di Oria (Oria's Districts Tournament), a folk-historical public event created in 1967 by the local tourist office, usually taking place in the second week of August, on Sunday.

The reconstruction shows us Federico II waiting for his bride Iolanda Brienne to come from Brindisi. King Federico II, to honour his father-in-law, issued in 1225 a notice of a tournament with four competing districts: Castello, Judea, Lama, San Basilio.

Oria's four districts compete every year in the tournament: it features five ability and skill contests, and it is preceded by equestrian shows inspired by medieval tournaments, in which the “Movie Riders” of  “Le Carrozze d'Epoca” group play a major role.

Our curriculum includes Holy Friday Processions, Living Cribs and Carnivals in different italian locations.

We remember also our equestrian show presented in Ariccia, “A Passo nel Tempo” (“A Ride through Time”), enacted and directed by our “Le Carrozze d'Epoca” staff.

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